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Nov. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

The news came in from the family today that my cousin's decided he's going for his PhD in statistics. They've been discussing it for a while now; he's double majoring in music and statistics and graduating in the spring, and he's wanted to go for music. His dad wanted him to go for statistics.

I mean... I guess there was nothing at all to support him going for music (lack of good jobs mostly; he's not someone who would settle for a smaller job if he could do better by making the right choice), and this really has nothing to do with me, but some part of me is still upset. Music is his thing, you know? Like writing is mine, and history is hers.

Maybe I just need to grow up. Yeah--his passion is for music. So what? In this world, who cares? He made the right decision; there's no arguing against that.


Nov. 1st, 2009


(no subject)

Roughly seven minutes ago this horrendous noise started.

It sounds (that's right, in the present tense!) somewhat like an airplane, but louder. Much louder. So that's what I thought it was at first: a passing airplane, even though no airplane actually passes that low across our town.

Three minutes later, I decided that if it really was a passing airplane, that airplane had some issues with the passing part.

Another minute later I started to get worried. Was it a fire alarm? (I've never heard our fire alarm go off, but I assumed it would be shriller and sound more like it was coming from the roof than the sky) I ran to check the stove and the basement. Nope. Was it a lawnmower? Nope. I was running around my entire house looking for that noise, mentally bookmarking where I could hear it the loudest (in my room and the kitchen next door, on the second floor; barely at all towards the back, nothing in the basement; muffled on the first floor).

I ran to the porch (and double-checked: no airplane). Saw nothing. Ran back inside, checked everything. Got dressed properly, walked out onto the lawn, and found the culprit. Someone blowing leaves off their lawn across the street and two houses over.

How obnoxious.

It really makes me wonder why the acoustics in my house are like that.

Oct. 31st, 2009

(no subject)

I am doing fantastically better than last year about this whole Nanowrimo thing. I actually have a plot this time around, before November. The trade-off is that this time I absolutely cannot let my grades slip. At all. This is my promise in writing, okay?

We start tomorrow!

Oct. 19th, 2009


(no subject)


I feel better now.


Oct. 5th, 2009


(no subject)

sldkfjeaslkvearvio;earjhlkj NO. IT CAN'T BE OCTOBER YET. HOW IS IT ALREADY OCTOBER?


In other news, I'm back at the red cross! It's not very interesting, but it's... peaceful. Like when you space out when you concentrate too much on the little tasks. I like it.

I think my math teacher hates me (and when I say that, I'm not trying to be as dramatic as I sound. I really... I mean, he doesn't like me. I'm probably just one of those students that just exist). I manage to do something completely wrong on at least every other homework assignment. >.< I completely screwed up the one yesterday, and I'm going to redo it... in about five minutes. I need to get a workbook or something, our text doesn't have enough practice problems and I'm going to faaaail.

PSATs. Saturday after next. ;__;


Sep. 24th, 2009


(no subject)

It's been, like, three weeks since school started.


I don't have that much to say, really. It turns out that my horrible teacher from last year has both honors history classes. Aside from the time period for schedule changes passing last week, it would really just not be able to work. I managed to be in just the right combination of classes where honors history is impossible without dropping something (I considered switching out of ap computer science until next year, since my schedule will work out for creative writing, but the other chem classes are full and I'm not going to do that for a stupid class I'm not going to learn in anyway).

I hate not being in honors because I want to be able to say that, yes, I am in honors. Fault me and my stupid pride. Honestly, though, I'm not particularly upset anymore. I'm going to put up with it, and if every bad thing has a silver lining, I am going to thoroughly enjoy this one (I've heard my teacher is still doing the exact same thing he was last year).

I want to call the red cross by tomorrow afternoon. If math club is on tuesdays, bio on wednesdays, and lit mag on occasional thursdays (that started today! I'm excited!), that leaves monday and friday for volunteering. I'm debating chemistry club, depending on when it is, and maybe the community service club? Perhaps? Or something else? I don't know if I can keep all of that up though.

Three day weekend!


Sep. 7th, 2009


(no subject)

So I was about to go to sleep a few minutes ago, ready and somewhat reluctantly excited for school, when I remembered something.

One of our history teachers might be retiring--specifically the one that taught a few classes of American history I. I say might because I don't know how reliable the school gossip is (nor the person I had heard this from).

And guess what new teacher we have this year.

That's right. The same one I had suffered through a half year of last year.

I am suddenly very much less excited for school.

And I get to find this out first thing in the morning tomorrow. At least there won't be much suspense.

On a side note,



Sep. 1st, 2009


(no subject)


Aug. 31st, 2009


I hate my school.

I ranted. Again. My school tends to make that happen.Collapse )

But aside from all that, I have a question. Assume that my father's surname is Chen and my mother's is Wu (typical chinese names xD). They got married, had me, and divorced (he then moved to California and I haven't heard from him since). Legally I have my father's last name, but somehow, I managed to get registered in my school system under Wu. That was a while ago, and essentially, I don't use Chen in anything but my passport/airplane tickets/medical records/blah.

If I were to (finally) legally change my name to Nina Wu, would I need to tell my school this? I don't know (and I doubt) that they have records of me under Chen.

Aug. 22nd, 2009


I'm just missing china this year.

Cut for a ridiculous amount of ramble. Again.Collapse )

Just as an added note, I'm watching The Rose (some insane Chinese drama featuring my absolute most favorite person ever). Probably a bad idea, considering the amount of work I haven't done since the beginning of the summer, but--too late. I'm on episode 28 (out of 37, making it the longest drama I've watched by far. It's actually about twoish times the length of Hana Kimi--15 hour and a half episodes).

It hasn't utterly captured me like Hana Kimi (I don't think anything will top that, although it might very well be because that was the first one I saw), but it's... complicated. Very. The Wikipedia article (I'll get the link eventually) has a nice, spoiler-free-ish summary, but I'd recommend just watching the first episode or the first twenty minutes or so. I am going to be utterly devastated if Bai He (Ella) doesn't end up with Jin. It's the first time there's even a remote possibility something other than the obvious pairing might happen, although I have some doubt (aside from the actual story, because as a rule, sappy love stories like this end up the right way).

I've been talking long enough. I'll rant about it later. :D

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