ladylyris's Journal

Hi ^^

For reference, here's me:

Name: Lyris, or if you really insist, Nina

Age: Almost 15. Almost.

School: Yes please. Sophomore year!

I live: USA; I'm an ABC—American-born Chinese—and proud. :D

Hobbies: Writing (I try), reading (anything), fanfiction (regrettably), singing, internet (far more than healthy), and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Likes: School (yes, really), my friends, sappy love stories (within reason), Chinese (and I mean language) dramas, S.H.E (Ella Chen), pretty asians (but who doesn't?), and some various other things. And of course, my hobbies.

Dislikes: Lots of stupid, little, petty pet peeves (yes. Petty pet peeves. >.>), the media (and especially about celebrities/famous people in general), drama of the stupid high school kind (I'm usually oblivious anyway), arrogant/overly proud/full of themselves classmates, and creepers that pass the silly and harmless kind we all are, in secret.

Music: I'll admit I have no taste in music. I really don't. My music/iPod basically consists of whatever I've actually bothered to listen to, so some odd alternative rock/punk/emo-ish bands from that particular phase of life, and a growing collection of Chinese pop (mostly S.H.E).

And I'll warn you, in the odd case that you actually want to be my friend (please? ^.^ I like friends, I'll be your friend!), that I ramble a lot, and I talk about China a lot more than I should.

Now do you want a cookie? :D